Wedding FAQ

How long have you been a professional photographer? Since 2001. I have been a Fort Collins wedding photographer for about five years now. Prior to that I worked in Durango shooting for the Durango Telegraph and a variety of publications.

Do you have any formal photography training?Yes, I graduated from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana. 

How would you describe your wedding work and style?
I have worked as a photojournalist for more than eight years and continue to shoot for a variety of publications. With this background, my goal is to artistically capture those genuine, priceless moments that occur throughout the course of your wedding day. These images combined with artistic and classic portraits of you and your fiancé, your family and wedding party, make for a well-rounded collection of images once the festivities have ended.

Do you shoot in both color and black & white? All of your photographs are captured in color. You also receive second set of images digitally converted to black and white.

Do you have back-up camera equipment?  Yes. I have multiple camera bodies that I bring to every wedding and often shoot with two at the same time.

Are you comfortable photographing in a variety of locations and lighting conditions?  Yes, I am very used to adjusting to a wide variety of lighting situations and conditions. I also have a variety of lighting equipment to meet your needs.

 How many photos will you take at our wedding?  Each wedding is different and I set no limit on the number of photos I take on your wedding day. For five hours of wedding coverage you should expect to receive anywhere from 500 – 800 images.

 How long do we need to plan for group photos/portraits?  It depends entirely on how many group photos you want taken. Prior to your wedding day I ask for a list of group photos you’ll want taken. This expedites the group photography session.

Will you allow my friends and family to take their own photos? Absolutely. They need to capture their own memories as well.

Will we have an on-line album where friends and family can order prints?  Yes. Directly off of this website under the “clients” link you will have your own album where friends and family can order prints.

How do you process/edit our images before we receive them?  Every image is adjusted for color balance, brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness.

When should we expect to receive our wedding images?  Your images will be mailed to you approximately three weeks after your wedding day.

In what format do we receive our wedding images? Jpeg

Do you limit the use of the images delivered to us on disc?  No. The digital files delivered to you are not watermarked and they are yours to use in every way including web and video usage.

Where do you suggest we print our wedding photos?  There are a variety of local and on-line printers that can do an excellent job printing your images. For a detailed list of these labs please inquire.

What should I look for in a ceremony/reception venue to ensure the best possible photography?  For both ceremony and reception sites look for a bright, well-lit venue with plenty of natural light. Outdoor weddings normally photograph well while indoor, darker venues produce images that can be much “softer” and “grainier.” Very dark venues require more flash, which can often be distracting and unflattering. Also, try to avoid locations that are lit by fluorescent lighting as it can produce a green hue unattractive on skin tones.

 Do you accept credit cards?  Yes, please inquire about the details.

What do we need to do to secure our wedding date? If possible, I like to meet with each couple to discuss the details of your wedding. At that point all that is needed is a $450.00 deposit and a signed wedding contract to secure your date.

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